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But while the series makes a concerted effort to emphasize healthy weight loss over fast results -- setting sensible weight-loss goals customized to each contestant -- the message could easily be misinterpreted by impressionable teens who might try to slim down on their own at a faster rate without a doctor's supervision.

What's more, the show could also make overweight kids and teens feel worse about their bodies.

(Click here for our interview with Dustin about it.) Did Dustin enjoy the notoriety too much? And is it a verbal beatdown — or a former child star righteously standing his ground?

HARVEY: You don't want fuck over with me, boy, 'cause I'll wear your fucking ass out. HARVEY: I will fuck your world IAN SMITH: Go, Dustin.

His screaming, which is a hybrid of drill sergeant-style motivation and verbal abuse, might be too intense for young children.

Two female contestants have posed nude for Playboy magazine, prompting the display of a few suggestive pictures for nostalgia's sake.

On "Fit Club," celebrities set out to lose weight and get healthy with the help of nutrition and diet expert Dr.

Walden is best known in the UK and US for his role as the expert fitness instructor on VH1's and ITV's prime-time shows Fat Club and Celebrity Fit Club.Parents need to know that this reality show deals almost exclusively with weight loss and the effects of being overweight.Through the magic of television, contestants seem to magically "melt," dropping upwards of 30 pounds in just eight episodes -- even though the actual weight-loss period spans 100 days.VH-1 proudly displayed the clip on their blog, gloating that in comparison, "All the throwdowns from the current drama-filled season of Celebrity Fit Club seem like kids' stuff..." It's Dustin Diamond vs. Harvey Walden— the detached smart-ass comic confronted by a former Marine drill instructor. HARVEY: You stood right there, and goddamn fucking said it! Dustin's been riding a wave of publicity ever since that infamous sex tape was released to the world.

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Contestants' personal stories can also be heartwarming -- and inspiring.

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