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Her story is peopled with many of the humanlike, petty and cruel gods of Greek mythology.

"Our first concern is Brandon's health, and we are heartened to learn he has shown progress in his recovery after surgery," A's vice president and general manager Billy Beane said in a statement.

When the gods called the Olympians denied man knowledge of fire, Prometheus stole it from them and gave it to man.

Zeus was the king of the Greek gods called the Olympians.

Hoefs graduated with a Bachelor of Science in exercise science from Nebraska Wesleyan University.

Long distance swimming is an endurance activity that commonly includes distances of 5, 10 or 25 km open water competitions.

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BCS announcer Brent Musburger stands by the fire in his 73-year-old loins -- telling TMZ, he's NOT SORRY for showering Miss Alabama USA Katherine Webb with compliments during the big game between Alabama and Notre Dame ... Musburger was arriving at the airport in Palm Beach, Florida Tuesday when we asked if he thinks his comments about QB A. Mc Carron's GF were inappropriate -- and Musburger made it clear ... In fact, it was pretty obvious Brent has a beef with ESPN for issuing an apology for the whole thing -- but he still issued a pretty politically correct statement about the Worldwide Leader. And corporations do what corporations do," Musburger said ...